Bárbara Rousseaux

MA Student Bárbara Rousseaux is an economist who works in the creative field. Throughout her career, she coordinated several cultural projects, human rights initiatives, and worked as an arts journalist. In 2018, Bárbara moved to South Africa to work at the Embassy of Argentina and coordinate their cultural programme. Since then, she has been harnessing cultural […]

ArtTalk 50/30 | Reparation. Redux at the National Arts Festival

The ArtTalk 50/30 series explores the deep existential questions humanity faces with key thinkers, artists and healers. This multi-disciplinary ritual seeks to cleanse and heal the land, and humans, by invoking the ancestors through story-telling, song, dance, film and indigenous ritual.


The lunch break marks a pause in the working day … a time for rest from production … for forms of exchange not, yet, for-profit…

Simon Gush

Simon Gush is an artist and filmmaker. His research explores work (waged and unwaged) and land.

Prishani Naidoo

Prishani’s intellectual life has been shaped by her engagements in (and with) academia; political organisations; trade unions; social movements; community groups; artist, media, education and research collectives; NGOs; and other civil society formations.