For the closing of the Conversations at a Distance series, Marcos Castro and Mauro Giaconi, directors of the Obrera Centro project, in dialogue with Helena Chávez Mac Gregor, propose to start from the diverse voices collected in the daily and affective context of each participant, with the intention to address the common issues raised in reflections and multiple experiences, thus seeking to think and play with possible de-intellectualised readings of the term Social Justice.

Marcos Castro‘s work travels between different media such as installation, sculpture, painting, video, but drawing is always the starting point in his creative process. He has participated in different artistic residencies such as Art OMI in New York, Skowhegan in Maine, and 18th Street art center in Los Angeles among others.

Mauro Giaconi graduated from the National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón with the title of National Professor of Painting. Since then his work is developed in the field of drawing, expanding towards sculpture, installation and video; media from which, based on personal or political experiences, addresses issues such as architecture, borders, oppression and chaos. In 2014 in Mexico City, he founded Obrera Centro. Obrera Centro is a space that seeks to generate and disseminate cultural projects from the meeting, presentation and feedback of production processes. With the conviction that it is in the instance of encounter between different disciplines where there is the most fertile creative dialogue, our search is to interweave visual arts, music, design, theater, education, cinema and gastronomy, looking for the edges between these disciplines to be diluted, and give way to renovating and constructive experiences. Obrera Centro has dedicated itself to building a community of friends, in which they are the ones who fill the project with content and proposals.