With Hoda Elsadda and Sabatho Nyamsenda. Chaired by Noor Nieftagodien and Karl von Holdt

In this seminar we hope to refresh the South African debates about decolonising the University with the thoughts, dilemmas and experiences of activists from countries that have been independent for far longer than we have, and which have a rich experience of anticolonial and decolonising strategies and histories. Thus we begin to build a Pan-African sense of decolonisation. Professor Hoda Elsadda is a co-founder and currently Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Women and Memory Forum. She is Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Cairo University, a feminist and an activist for women’s rights. Sabatho Nyamsenda is a lecturer at Dar es Salaam University, and a social activist in Jukwaa La Wajamaa – the Tanzanian Socialist Forum which links with community groups, trade unions and student movements. 

TIME: 13h00 – 14h30

VENUE: Graduate Seminar Room, South West Engineering Building, East Campus, Wits