Two webinars with Prof Adam Tooze, author of the ‘masterly and monumental’ Crashed: how a decade of financial crises change the world.
Hosted by Wiser, SWOP, History Workshop & UJ History Department

Webinar 2
Adam Tooze on the World after Covid-19
Date: Wednesday 29 July @ 16h00

Tooze has put together a short piece, timeline and a set of readings (pdf) that you can find here:

Overtaken By The Anthropocene by Adam Tooze
Shockwave: Adam Tooze on the pandemic’s consequences for the world economy
Perry Anderson critique of Tooze
Review of ‘Crashed’ by Cedric Durand
Escalating Plunder by Robert Brenner

Watch the video from the first webinar: Johannesburg Conversations with Adam Tooze: a panel discussion of Crashed

Watch a short video interview with Tooze on ‘The World After the Coronavirus Crash’: