Gillian Hart

Gillian Hart is Distinguished Professor in the Humanities Graduate Centre at the University of the Witwatersrand, and Professor of the Graduate School in Geography at the University of California, Berkeley.  She is currently working on a set of essays for a book on resurgent nationalisms and populisms in South Africa, India, and the United States since the […]

Comparative methodologies

The workshop series developed out of the need to reflect on the challenges that continuously bring us back to the problems encountered when conducting research and using certain research methods.

Questions of Method with Gillian Hart

​This set of workshops departs from the common tendency to frame questions of method in terms of ‘quantitative’ versus ‘qualitative’ methods. The focus instead will be on the deep interconnections between theory and method, and on the centrality of comparison to questions of method. 


Five workshops that were held as part of this series. Read more

Workshops and Readings

This workshop will (a) distinguish positivist from relational forms of generalization, and (b) explore the simultaneously conceptual and methodological elements of a relational approach.

Rethinking Research Methodologies – Location and Society

The shifting of SWOP’s research agenda and programmes has necessitated an ongoing engagement with changing methodologies and research practices. This experimentation with method runs across different projects at SWOP with new ones, such as the Land, Labour, Life programme, taking up questions of method and rethinking theory as central components of its work.

Critical Engagement with Public Sociology

SWOP in partnership with Rhodes University invites you to the Critical Engagement with Public Sociology Book Launch. Join us for a conversation with the editors and contributors.