The deadly surplus

The story is a parody of the authority in the capitalist society. The idea is that the authority of this society tends to be more concerned with creating surplus in everything that can be old that they fail to realise that this has a good and a bad side to it.

Why did the worker not remain an artisan and an artist?

Since Covid-19 is something of a question about the future, in relation to labour, can the question be broadened, and ask: is it possible for the post-corona virus world to be in the hands of the worker as an artisan and an artist than as a cog in a mac

In, out and round-about: the variegated terrain of labour responses to the C-19 pandemic in SA

In the overall context of this historic crisis, will survivalism and the more immediate meeting of basic material needs ensure that the working class remains, even in ever more differentiated and increasingly dispersed and functional forms, the key cog in a remade capitalist machine or, can the collective consciousness of the working class be shifted in order to underpin a new, revolutionary, anti-systemic politics and practice?

We Need a New Conception of Labour

Khwezi Mabasa argues that the Covid-19 pandemic has amplified the economic policy debates on the need to rethinking the importance of work and labour in a period of economic instability characterised by the proliferation of technology in all fields of life.