Activist Interventions

How do we navigate the cruel dilemmas of public health danger and the collapse of economies and livelihoods? What do we imagine as a progressive and just response to COVID-19, and how can this moment be used to start building political alternatives?

Modes of Self-Reporting: The Artist and Social Justice

In this webinar we focus on the role of the artist in the cultivation of social justice. The discussion explores how the artist as an individual is involved in a method of self-report, an accountability to themselves and a creation of culture

Life under Covid-19 | Photography by William Matlala

The current situation, in many ways, affords photography a new legislation which amends the progress photography has made in the past when faced with pandemics. This continuation is such that photography is compelled to know similitudes of past pandemics to Covid-19; and ultimately, because in the country the regulations of the public have been compartmentalised according to ‘levels’, photography has a chance of recording the progress of many people in their understanding of the preventive measures necessary in their everyday lives.

C19 People’s Coalition call for donations for food distribution

The C19 People’s Coalition is organising food distribution through networks of activists in communities in Gauteng. This initiative aims to provide urgent relief for hunger and desperation in locked down communities, and at the same time build and strengthen alternative networks of food production, distribution and consumption for local resilience that contribute to building an alternative future.

A Programme of Action in the time of COVID-19 : A call for social solidarity in South Africa

In a society as unequal as ours, we must work together to ensure that all safety measures are shared equitably. We have a particular duty to safeguard those who are most vulnerable, those who are already living with hunger, weakened immune systems and poor access to health care. Greater restrictions and shutdowns are coming, but they will only work if full support is provided to working class and poor communities. Drastic measures are needed if we are to avoid disaster. Each of us must act now.