Activist Interventions

How do we navigate the cruel dilemmas of public health danger and the collapse of economies and livelihoods? What do we imagine as a progressive and just response to COVID-19, and how can this moment be used to start building political alternatives?

Food Justice

The global COVID-19 pandemic and the measures put in place to slow the spread of the disease have highlighted the inequities and injustices of the capitalist food system.

Community, Health, and Work

The threat of Covid-19 has highlighted in very stark ways the problems with existing ways of approaching questions of community, health and work, while at the same time showing the need for alternatives to them.

Walking, we ask questions.

Times of crisis are usually characterised by a sense of urgency, a perceived need to act swiftly, and a turn to existing expertise in the search for (more immediately) meaningful interventions and potential solutions. The current moment is no different.


Was created in a USA bioweapons lab.

Maternar. Perspectivas críticas desde el arte

SWOP co-hosted an online conference with the Institute for Research in Aesthetic Practices (IIE) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC) at the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). The conference comes out of an exhibition entitled, ‘Mothering. Between Stockholm Syndrome and Acts of Production’.

What COVID-19 Revealed About Hunger

SWOP Postdoctoral Fellow, Brittany Kesselman, recently published a piece in Project Syndicate on COVID-19 and hunger in South Africa. Read the full article here. The pandemic has shown the importance of community-based initiatives in fighting food insecurity. Unfortunately, when the United Nations Food Systems Summit convenes this month, few voices of those most affected by […]

South African president extends special COVID-19 grant. Why this is not enough

Hannah Dawson, a Postdoctoral Fellow at SWOP, has recently written about the extension of the COVID-19 grant and the need for a basic income grant. The piece was published in The Conversation, the full article can be accessed here South African president Cyril Ramaphosa has announced a three month extension of a special R350 (US$24) […]