The Failed Promise of Tenure Security – Customary Land Rights and Dispossession Conference

Twenty-five years after the Constitution was adopted the 18 million South Africans living in the former homelands have limited recognition of their tenure security. Instead, their customary and informal land rights are directly and systematically under threat from government laws, policies and practices that abrogate these rights. This conference seeks to inform and enrich the public and academic discourse about land tenure rights, ongoing threats to these rights, and the urgent need for state intervention to protect and enhance land tenure security in line with the Constitution.

Grave Matters presented by Dineo Skosana

The Forge, in Johannesburg, will be hosting a series on Land Redistribution in Our Lifetime this month. SWOP’s Dineo Skosana will be presenting on her ongoing research under the title Grave Matters on the 18th of May at 18h00.